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Crosstalk Synopsis Briddey is about to get exactly what she thinks she wants . . . Briddey is a high-powered exec in the mobile phone industry, overseeing new products from concept (‘anything to beat the new apple phone’) to delivery. And she works with her wonderful partner, Trent. They’ve been together for six magical weeks,…

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THE UNITY GAME by Leonora Meriel, Book Review — Booklover Book Reviews

The Unity Game Synopsis WHAT IF THE EARTH YOU KNEW WAS JUST THE BEGINNING? A New York banker is descending into madness. A being from an advanced civilization is racing to stay alive. A dead man must unlock the secrets of an unknown dimension to save his loved ones. From the visions of Socrates in ancient…

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F*ck You Your Honor by Craig Chambers

F*ck You Your Honor by Craig Chambers

Story Summary

Attorney Darwyn “Wyn” VanWye is down on his luck. He squats in a foreclosed government-owned HUD home and conducts his law practice over his smart phone from a sports bar.

While attempting to reconcile with Amalia, his Argentine ex-wife, so his excessive alimony payments can be terminated, Judge Solomon arbitrarily sanctions him for misconduct. Instead of a fine or jail time, the judge sentences him to write a sixty-five thousand word book about the “dignity and integrity” of the legal system. Wyn believes the judge is out to get him.

After resisting the order, this is the book Wyn writes to hopefully save his law license. Will he succeed in placating the judge and winning back his ex-wife?

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2kk7Loq

San Francisco Book Review – 4.5 stars

Darwyn VanWyn, or “Wyn” as his TV commercials bill him, is a lawyer with problems. No office, no home, and trying to negotiate with his ex-wife over the alimony payments he owes her. So at a court hearing trying to reduce the payments, the judge orders him to write a 65,000-word book about the “dignity and integrity” of the legal system as a result of some courtroom infraction he didn’t even know he committed. So, while forced to attend an ethics seminar and write his book, Wyn reminisces on his life and how he arrived at the place he has ended up.

F*ck You, Your Honor is the novel of what happens in Jimmy McGill’s head during any episode of Better Call Saul–especially if he was getting divorced and fighting with his ex-wife over his collection of vinyl records. Always meaning well, but making poor decisions along the way. The character of Wyn is so much like Jimmy, that after a while you begin to picture Bob Odenkirk’s face and voice while you read. If an audio book is ever produced, it will be a grave injustice for Odenkirk not to be the narrator.

The book is both funny ha-ha and funny uh-oh. Chambers is great with both internal and external dialog, with well-rounded characters and settings, making F*ck You an easy, funny book. And, along the way, you are introduced to some of the intricacies of the legal system and courtroom processes. An excellent book–one that will (should) be on any lawyer’s and Better Call Saul fans’ nightstand. And does Wyn finish his book? Yes, but as you might expect Jimmy to do, it isn’t what the judge expected when passing down the punishment.


Author Bio:

Craig Chambers sees himself as a short story writer first, second as a lawyer and as a real estate broker. He holds a literature degree from Vanderbilt University and a law degree from the University of Denver.

In his junior year in college, he attended the University of Leeds in England. He did not attend a single class, traveled around Europe instead. He came back and took the final exams, only to be disappointed that he got a 1 in English. He thought the grade was the equivalent to a “D.” He later learned that “First Class Honors” was the highest grade possible.

F*ck You, Your Honor, was released in June, 2017. He resides in Littleton, Co. He has a wife and four children



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The Room by the Lake by Emma Dibdin — Bookliterati book review

Synopsis: When Caitlin left London for New York, she thought she’d left her problems behind: her alcoholic father, her dead mother, the unrelenting pressure to succeed. But now, down to her last dollar in a strange city, she is desperately lonely. Then she finds Jake. Handsome, smart, slightly damaged Jake. And he wants her […]

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How can bookstores reinvent themselves? — A Better Man

Amazon has come in to drive bookstores out of business. But is there hope for the traditional bookstores yet? Perhaps. Here at La Casa Azul Bookstore, which is so well known for its collection of Latino literature that it has drawn Junot Díaz and Sandra Cisneros for special book readings, the innovative mix of offerings […]

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